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Banks and financial services firms need technology that can keep up with surging consumer demand for online products and first-class customer service. As banks ramp up their digital operations, Amelia, IPsoft’s digital colleague, can quickly get them up-to-speed.

Both global and regional banks are serving more customers online and via mobile apps, and need to deliver a seamless and satisfying experience across channels. Without digital colleagues, customers are often forced to call a contact center or email customer service for questions or support. When volume increases, the number of required help desk staffers also goes up, which ultimately drives up costs and eats away at margins and the bottom line.

Amelia can deliver ROI at scale for banks looking for technology that can break this cycle. Amelia is a digital colleague that’s available 24/7 and works directly with customers or alongside human co-workers. She can operate as a greeter for website visitors, a customer service representative, a sales rep, or an internal IT support staffer who provides accurate, instant, and hard-to-find data during business transactions or human-to-human service calls.

In one of our ongoing programs in the banking sector, Amelia takes customers through ID verification to confirm identities and account information. She manages password resets, offers credit card information to authenticated users, and provides banking location services. She is able to accurately recognize customer intent and successfully complete her assigned task on 95% of her calls. Amelia’s average handle time is approximately six minutes, which ultimately has led to fewer staffers handling calls, so those employees are deployed to more complex tasks. Additionally, the bank has discovered that the majority of its customers are more inclined (and happier) to work with Amelia than they are with traditional support options.

Businesses really need to understand the needs of each client and be able to match each individual need with a service or a product. To have a scalable model to service millions of clients, you really need to use Artificial Intelligence, otherwise you will never be able to compete.

Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet

One of Amelia’s standout features is her ability to learn as she handles increased volume. When Amelia transfers a call to a human coworker, she listens in on the subsequent conversation and studies the interaction to determine if she can solve a similar issue in the future. If she can, she will; if she can’t, she’ll transfer the call and collaborate with a live agent by providing data, potential solutions, and possible shortcuts to get the matter resolved even faster.

Amelia does what humans do, except she’s faster, she scales to meet demand, and when she’s incapable of solving an issue on her own she collaborates and learns. For your bank or financial services firm, this means hiring and training fewer support employees; accelerated 24/7 support for customers and staffers; more productivity; higher customer satisfaction; and, of course, more revenue.

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Amelia is transforming businesses around the world, providing massive ROI at scale and superior customer experiences while reducing risk. She can do the same for yours.

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