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As Amelia transforms businesses, she’ll create new lines of revenue, new jobs, and new customer experiences.

AI is a technology of the here-and-now, not of some far-off future. We’ve already witnessed so many exciting AI innovations— many of which are already impacting our everyday lives— that it’s difficult not to be positive about what’s still to come. For example, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s AI-powered system has thwarted up to 85% of possible cyber-attacks. We’re starting to take trips in self-driving cars. We’ve tagged friends in photos thanks to Facebook’s facial recognition. We are at the forefront of a surge of AI-related innovation that will fundamentally change the human experience.

We believe it all starts with a digital workforce. Seventy-two percent of business leaders believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future. AI is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40%, starting with the customer service industry where 38% of businesses expect AI to provide massive improvements. More than just bottom-line value, AI will simplify how we interact with technology by providing more humanlike interfaces, interactions and services.

AI will not only improve how we conduct commerce, but fundamentally make the world a better place. These are some of the core goals of IPsoft’s Amelia, and here are some ways that she makes an impact as the leading digital labor platform.

Amelia is available when you need her, and she’s there to provide comfort and support in difficult or aggravating situations. Your flight has been cancelled. You’ve got a meeting in another city that you can’t miss. You begin a video chat with Amelia on your laptop. With her ability to understand language and her emotional intelligence, she can tell that you’re frustrated and worried. In an empathetic voice, she helps you locate a new flight at a nearby airport. You hop in your car and start driving. You realize that you’ll be landing in a new airport and that the car you’ve rented won’t be waiting for you. While you’re driving, you again access Amelia on your smartphone via voice recognition. She already knows that you’re in transit. She knows to which airport you’re headed. She has all of your car rental information stored in her memory. You ask her to rebook the same car at a similar rate but at the new airport. She sets up the rental and asks you to confirm the transaction. As simple and as seamless as that, Amelia saves the day.

Anyone who has ever submitted a mortgage application by hand knows that it takes an extensive amount of paperwork and seemingly endless delays. Amelia can change that. She can help you apply for a mortgage without having to speak to a human agent. All of your data will be collected, processed, and analyzed to determine the best rate for you and for the lender. If all of your information meets pre-determined specifications, Amelia can help you send your loan to the underwriter. But what happens if your application hits a snag? What happens when paperwork is missing, or you’ve got a question Amelia is unable to answer? That’s when a human agent can step in and provide a solution— all while Amelia listens and learns in the background. The next time Amelia meets a similar challenge, she puts her learnings to use and handles the issue herself, rather than escalating it to a human. Amelia can help a first-time homebuyer move into their dream house faster than ever.

[With Amelia] IPsoft fits companies looking to automate end-to-end customer-facing processes. IPsoft’s robust NLU and dialogue management, married to enterprise-grade security, make it a top pick for companies looking to do more than just answer questions.

Forrester Research: The Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service by Ian Jacobs, June 29 2017

Amelia works with human colleagues, but she also can be trained to handle end-to-end customer service sessions on her own. Amelia can ask security questions to confirm a customer’s identity prior to a purchase. She then can help customers select products and services to buy, and execute those transactions. What’s most impressive is that Amelia can do this for every single service call a company receives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Amelia, we’re looking at a future where good customer service is measured by how many scant minutes it took to complete a transaction, versus how long a customer is on hold waiting for an agent to pick up.

These are just a few of the ways in which Amelia can help produce tremendous business value and make consumers’ lives easier. She’s doing her job right now at companies around the world, making the AI future a reality one transaction and support session at a time.

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