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Pressure on CIOs has never been greater. IT was once seen as a support role—a group to set up your wireless access, find your password, or download programs. Today, the CIO is expected to be the creative problem-solver and the change agent for every line of business and every major task. CIOs are expected to find solutions or build proprietary systems that solve major organizational problems. Either way, the job had better get done and it better get done fast, under budget, with security and scalability in mind. We believe AI and digital colleagues such as IPsoft’s Amelia will be the key to helping CIOs solve these requirements head-on.

The challenge for CIOs in the coming years will be a massive influx of new data and how to process it all. Today’s data architectures won’t be able to support the next wave of information. It’s estimated that six billion devices will be connected to the internet by the end of the year. By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be created every second, for every person on earth. How CIOs prepare for this challenge today will determine whether they’re still in their role three years from now.

We believe AI that’s built to work within existing data architectures will help alleviate some of this pain. Because AI platforms such as Amelia are able to operate at scale, she is able to absorb, process, and take action on data without human intervention. Additionally, because AI will be able to operate across all platforms, Amelia will essentially build data integrations between solutions so that employees never have to manually push and pull these mountains of information from system to system. Because Amelia is able to process massive amounts of data in fractions of a second, she can take the lead on data projects that can be automated. She’ll find, absorb, make sense of, and make recommendations for taking action on data in a fraction of the time it would take a team of employees to complete the same tasks. This time saved will enable human workers to focus on larger projects centered on how best to apply data, where else to source data, and what other available data streams are worth monitoring.

For CIOs no issue is more important than security. Protecting customer data, building impenetrable networks, and preventing attacks is top-of-mind for every CIO today. Unfortunately, because so much data is moving into and out of networks, spotting anomalies to deploy defensive measures is more difficult than ever. The price of failure for CIOs is also incredibly steep. The average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million by 2020, costing global businesses $8 trillion.

Amelia provides CIOs with an army of network monitors who can continually scan and take action on suspicious activity. Because she scales as activity grows, Amelia can handle as much incoming traffic and activity as necessary, and because she’s able to analyze and take action on data, she can stop attacks as they occur. Additionally, Amelia learns as she works, so she gets better and better at detecting attacks, and her accuracy rate for escalating issues to human observers increases over time. It’s also important to understand that AI, and specifically Amelia, can be deployed however a company sees fit. She can live on private or public clouds; we can host Amelia or she can be deployed on a company’s own servers.

As with any technology, it’s understandable that CIOs might worry about the difficulty of deploying AI across an enterprise. IPsoft’s team works with internal teams to guide Amelia through an intensive integration to back-end data and systems. In order to train Amelia, IPsoft and customers work together to upload an assortment of documents designed to enrich Amelia with new knowledge. Companies provide IPsoft with their industry-specific semantic network, and any logic framework that they want Amelia to follow in her decision-making. Companies also upload pre-trained classifiers and analytic modules that will help her to conduct business according to the industry’s specific requirements and regulations.

We think [IPsoft’s] technology will be so good that users won’t really be aware of the implementation, they’ll just notice that it works and delivers benefits.

Gerson Benker, vice president of IT Operations, Carestream Health, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, 2017

From there, the two teams will work to auto-annotate Amelia’s conversational framework in order to help her understand utterances and common phrases. The company also works with IPsoft to teach Amelia to follow standard operating procedures, so she becomes intimately familiar with how the business operates. This is especially useful for data analysis and automated workflows. Once Amelia is ready to begin handling queries on her own, she will inevitably get stumped by unique or custom issues. This is where her ability to learn on her own, and work with human employees, comes into play. If Amelia is unable to resolve an issue, or finalize a transaction, she will escalate the conversation to a human agent. As this happens, Amelia doesn’t go dark. She will stay connected with a company’s employees to determine how the issue was resolved. She will then learn from her human colleagues, applying that knowledge to any similar conversations so as to avoid unnecessarily escalating future interactions.

CIOs must keep their companies moving forward through innovation that provides security, scalability and efficiency. Amelia is here to help CIOs reach those goals, and more.

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