Meet Amelia, your digital colleague. She simplifies digital insurance processes for customers and staffers alike.

A Better Insurance Experience

Better Service
Customers want service on any device at any time of day. They expect intelligent and easy-to-use experiences.

Faster Service
Agents are overburdened with calls. This leads to long wait times and drop-offs. Customers expect 24/7 service on the device of their choice.

A Better Experience
Digital customer service is often separated from other parts of the business. Customers expect service calls, consultations, and sales calls to happen within the same context.

Amelia’s Insurance Abilities

Auto Insurance Claims

Amelia helps your customers to file claims the minute accidents occur. She’s able to:

  • Register incidents
  • Discuss deductibles and maximum payouts
  • Verify policy details

Auto Insurance Policy Changes

No need to involve human agents in simple policy changes. Amelia can:

  • Update personal information
  • Recommend new policies
  • Escalate issues to human agents

QTC Renters Insurance

Your customers will be able to research and apply for renter’s insurance directly through Amelia. She can:

  • Verify personal information
  • Recommend policies
  • Offer coverage plans

Life Insurance QTC

Amelia walks customers through the entire policy selection process from research to selection. She’s able to:

  • Provide custom quotes
  • Upsell additional products and services
  • Recommend riders and additional options

Quote to Cash

Policy Changes

Billing and Collections

Life Underwriting

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Amelia is built for all areas of insurance

Amelia can be trained to work on any side of the insurance experience. IPsoft can help you customize Amelia’s role in your organization so that she’s able to span every line of business.

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Amelia is transforming businesses around the world, providing massive ROI at scale and superior customer experiences while reducing risk. She can do the same for yours.

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